7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Ecorex’s AAC Blocks For Construction

The AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Block by Ecorex has so many benefits over
red bricks that one blog post simply would not do justice to its merits in modern
construction. But, since awareness is more important than perfection, we have tried in
this article to cover the most important reasons why builders, contractors, interior
designers, architects and the common man should switch to AAC Blocks over the very
outdated and costly red bricks. Let’s understand why this thing is called the ‘miracle

Ecorex’s AAC blocks provide savings in time, efforts and ultimately money, that you
simply cannot overlook. They can be cut using ordinary tools and are very easy to
handle, which means they’re not labour intensive. They come in large sizes, so require
lesser number of joints. Construction is faster with less consumption of cement.
You will see more indirect cost benefits in the points we have covered further in this

Water Conservation
Responsible use of water and its savings is becoming increasingly important in India.
Many estimates predict dire water shortages in India over the 2030s if we do not act
now. If all construction projects switch to AAC blocks, a huge amount of water will be
saved. This is because there is absolutely no need to water AAC blocks for curing. On a
larger scale, if you think about a whole building made of AAC blocks, and whole cities
made of these buildings, imagine how much water we can save.

AAC blocks are stronger and safer than red bricks. The strength to weight ratio of these
blocks is higher than even M150 concrete. Also, in the event of an earthquake, buildings
made with these blocks are comparatively safer. The impact of an earthquake is directly
proportional to the weight of the building, and buildings constructed with AAC blocks are
lighter and more steady, making them more reliable.

Thermal Insulation
Ecorex’s AAC blocks have low thermal conductivity, which means the indoor
temperatures do not change much. You can stay cool in summer and cozy in winter
thanks to AAC blocks. This leads to lesser need of air conditioning and cost savings.

Pest Resistant
As the makeup of AAC blocks includes inorganic material, they offer better protection
against infestation by termites, ants, rodents, etc. This naturally results in better hygiene
and cleanliness in the indoor environment of structures made from AAC blocks.

Fire Resistant
Again, because the materials used in AAC blocks are inorganic, they are not
combustible. These blocks have double fire-resistance than red bricks, and provide
considerably more safety from fire than red bricks. They have among the highest hourly-
fire resistance ratings per inch of any building material.

Smooth Finish
The AAC block walls are filled with regular plaster. This means that these walls have a
clear and smooth finish without cracks. This is another unexpected, but pleasant benefit
of using AAC blocks for construction.

You will not find a building product that is greener than AAC blocks. There are many
more benefits of these miraculous blocks. The world is adopting more and more of
these for construction purposes. It is time you switched to Ecorex’s AAC blocks to get
the most out of your construction.

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